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Teaching Techniques Session 2

What’s Stress Got to Do with It? Exploring the Connection between Mental Health & Learning

Session Summary

Do today’s students seem to have a harder time coping with the demands of student life? Do more and more of them seem stressed out and distracted? What’s going on? In this session, we will explore how our changing world is impacting students’ abilities to focus and learn. We will also discuss what you can do to cope with the demands these changes put on you as an educator. Hopefully, you will take away some ideas to reduce your own stress! [Presentation]

Sukhi Sohi

B.A. (English literature), M.A. (Counselling Psychology)


Capilano University

Sukhi Sohi has worked as a counsellor and instructor at Capilano University since 1993. In her role as a counsellor, she has worked with students with a diverse range of concerns including anxiety, depression, self-harm, relationship difficulties, grief & loss, issues related to sexual orientation, eating disorders, self-esteem concerns, etc. She also offers one to one counselling to assist students with student success issues such as time management, goal setting, motivation, stress management, career planning, etc. In her role as an instructor, Sukhi teaches a course on University Success Strategies (USS 100) as well as a variety of workshops on mental health and student success topics.