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Publisher Session (Wiley)

Sustainability in an Unsustainable Industry: Adapting Academic Publishing for the Future

Session Summary

Traditional publishing is an inherently unsustainable business when taken from an environmentalist, and modern business perspective. Pulp paper products produced in mass, and the same content regurgitated and printed decade after decade to an audience that grows less interested and less impressed by the generation. When taken in this view, it is easy to understand why many believe that traditional academic publishing cannot be sustained – a fact to which Wiley agrees. Traditional print and paper publishing is out, and contemporary digital solutions and hybrids are in. Sustainability of production and content are at the fore front of the publisher’s agenda now more than ever, and can be found in the presentation, functionality, and reimagining’s of the modern academic text. [Presentation]


Molly Firlotte

Account Manager

John Wiley and Sons